Date/Time           Tuesday, 23 February 2016 at 7:05pm

Location             Redwood Tavern, Blenheim


Nicole Chauval    Chris Budny         Allan Fergusson  Ross Paton               Jason Randall

Mike Budny         Bob Henderson   Mike Van Loon    Neville Miller             Angela Underwood

Steve Whibley     Gail Perano         Greg Cornish       Greg Croudis            Wayne Palatchie

Peter Chandler    Stuart Kitt             John Davis          Sue Davis                 Malcolm Anderson

Paul Enright         Lianne Budny      Max Barratt         Calvin Hart               Mary Landon-Lane

Thomas Wu         Leanne Stowel     Lewis Green        Ross Batty                Helen Pope

(30 members attended)


Andy Brice          Calvin Hart          Celia Bason         Rob Lang                  Ken Hart

Debbie Johnson  Sandra Eden       Gerald Pope        Lyn Bowman-Rutledge

Tracey Farrell      Chris Marr           Rob McCartney  Judyne Heissenbuttel

President's Report

I would like to welcome everyone here tonight

Thank you John Davis for the use of these facilities for our AGM

It’s been another successful year, a bit trying for the Committee at times but all in all its good to see most people enjoy their game of pool

I would like to take a moment to thank your Committee”
Mike your Vice President and Webmaster
Gail your Secretary
Nicole your Treasurer
Bob your events organiser plus

And the delegates that turned up to Committee meetings

It’s the time and effort of these volunteers that keep your association running

Interclub; Congratulations to the 2 teams that won the round robin

     A-Div Redwood – Stickmen
B-Div Redwood – Hot Tips

I would also like to congratulate the Hot Tips and Dad’s Army for their relegation to the A division
– I wish them well

Champion of Champions; congratulations to the 12 oz’s who won the A division and the Redwood - Hot Tips who won the B Division

I would like to congratulate the winners and runner ups of the various tournaments we ran this year

Nelson Challenge; A combined effort between the men’s and women’s teams saw MPA take out the A and B trophy and of course the overall win.

Seddon Shield; It was great to see the sportsmanship, comradery and support the teams and players gave to each other to achieve a clean sweep of the trophies, you, your selectors, team managers and captains did a brilliant job.

The easiest thing there is to do in pool is to “play the game”, yet without the people working on the administration or other aspects of the game, then the game we have would probably not exist. What we all should also remember is if we find reason to criticize them, ask yourself would you take their place if they gave up what they did. I somehow doubt that there would be many volunteers to replace or even support them in what they do. Criticism is easy, working on behalf of the game is not and is often made more difficult by the people who think fit to criticise.

To the different pool clubs I would ask that you choose a delegate to represent you at our Committee meetings. Our Committee meetings are not supported as well as they should be by the different clubs

Most of you don’t know however but the MPA Committee put in a bid to run the Super League this year which was unsuccessful. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Brent Simmons, Greg Paul and their Committee all the best in running that tournament, the same to all the MPA players participating go hard. Enjoy your games

I would like to thank you all for your time and wish you all the best for the up and coming pool season.

Thank you

Calvin Hart – Mover / Bob Henderson – Seconder


Previous Minutes

The minutes of the AGM of 24 February 2015 were distributed to those present and confirmed as a true and correct record.

Peter Chandler – Mover / Mike Budny – Seconder


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

No matters arising from 2015 AGM minutes


No correspondence.

Financial Report

The Treasurer, Nicole Chauval, reported on the Audit Financial Accounts of the Assn which were attached to the agenda for members’ information.

Nicole noted the following points:

  • Audit Fees – At the request of the auditors, K&J Consultants, a $100 donation to the Cancer Society is required for the auditing of the accounts. It was noted that this payment had been overlooked in the 2015 financial year. Nicole phoned K&J Consultants and apologised for this error and it was agreed that $200 will be donated to the Cancer Society this financial year to rectify last year’s omission.

  • Functions – In the audited accounts it was noted that there were no function costs. Members were advised that the end of your break-up was not paid for until January 2016 so it will appear in this financial year’s audit. The cost for the break-up was $654.31.

  • Prizes – Members were advised that from the total tournament entry money of $3340, $2698 was paid out in prizes. It was noted that this equates to a total of 19.2% of the tournament entry money.

  • Financial Position – Members were advised that at the time of audit the cheque account balance was $1412, since that time two accounts have been paid (AGM newspaper advertising $322.71 and Break‑up ($654.31) the balance of the cheque account, as at the AGM date, is now $434.98. There are two further accounts to be paid namely Clubs of Marlborough ($732) and Website hosting fee for years 2015 and 2016 ($400).

(Click here for full Financial Report)

Ken Hart – Mover/Leanne Stowell – Seconder


Nominations for Committee

Position                   Nominee                       Proposer                          Seconder

President:                 Mike Budny                   Gail Perano                       Nicole Chauval

Vice President:         Mike van Loon              Gail Perano                       Nicole Chauval

Secretary:                Gail Perano                   Nicole Chauval                  Bob Henderson

Treasurer:                Nicole Chauval             Gail Perano                       Bob Henderson

Women's Selector: Judyne Heissenbuttel   Mike Van Loon                  Bob Henderson

Men's Selector:        Peter Chandler              Judyne Heissenbuttel        Bob Henderson

Head Umpire:          TBA

Events Manager:     Peter Chandler              Mike Budny                       Gail Perano

                                 John Davis – (Backup support person, no voting rights)

                                 Steve Whibley – (Backup support person, no voting rights)

There being no other nominations received, all positions were filled, with the exception of the Head Umpire. There are 2 people that have put their hand up for this role – Celia Bason and Greg Croudis. As Celia was not present it was agreed that the decision will be made at the next Committee Meeting to be held on the 2 March 2016

Mike Budny – Mover/Gail Perano – Seconder



  1. Name change to Marlborough Pool Association Inc. we are still registered as “The” Marlborough Pool Association Inc.

Remove the word “The” from the registered name so the new name will read:

“Marlborough Pool Association Incorporated”

Gail Perano – Mover/Nicole Chauval – Seconder


  1. Remove 10.2.2
    No more than two representatives per club can hold Executive Officer positions

Gail Perano – Mover/Nicole Chauval – Seconder


  1. Amend 8.2.2
    ……. In addition, notification of the details of this meeting shall be advertised in the Public Notices of the Marlborough Express. If the party requesting the Special General Meeting Wins’ their request, the Committee will pay any costs incurred. If the party Fails’, the party will be responsible for any debts.

Gail Perano – Mover/Nicole Chauval – Seconder


Annual Subscription fees

Fees for 2016 remain unchanged

$100.00 per team
$10.00 per member

$20.00 Tournament Fee ($5.00 admin charge to MPA)

Bob Henderson – Mover/Gail Perano – Seconder


General Business

Bob Henderson – obtained sponsorship from Backpackers, they are putting $50.00 toward Tournaments

A suggestion was put forward that there be 1 Ranking Tournament with no entry fee to make it easier for some people. No entry fee – No prize.

Following discussions this suggestion was not supported


It was proposed that the Ranking List be removed and instead use frame counts from both Tuesday Interclub Pool and all Tournaments

Mike Van Loon will test this on the computer to see if it is achievable electronically.


A point was raised that Constitution Rule 11.1 which states:

Teams will be selected at the discretion of the selectors and are subject to approval by the Committee. If a member of the Committee disagrees with the selection of any player, the reason must be stated and it will be put to the Committee to vote. Outcome will be based on majority.

Therefore the general rules of rep selection should reflect this. Members agreed and the General Rule will be amended to reflect the constitution


A proposal was put forward that any player that wishes to be a member of the A Rep Teams must play a minimum of 3 nights for any one team in Tuesday night interclub to be eligible for selection

John Davis – Mover/Allan Ferguson – Seconder


A suggestion was put forward that Tuesday interclub be Seeded, by way of the top player from each team play first then down the list as they are seeded. This year’s players would have to be seeded from last year’s results. This was discussed and was not supported


Mary Landon-Lane nominated Greg Croudis for Head Umpire. Greg accepted the nomination but as Celia Bason had verbally accepted to take on this position it was agreed that this be decided at the Committee’s next meeting.


It was noted that some venues have only one pool table when there might be a number of spare tables at the Clubs of Marlborough on the same night which could be used. If the Captains agree to use a different venue there is no reason the two teams can’t play at the alternative venue, however both Captains must agree.

Peter Chandler – Would like to see the A’s play the B’s like they have done in the past

                         A Men’s        V        B Men’s

                   A Women’s        V        B Women’s

                         A Men’s        V        B Women’s

                   A Women’s        V        B Men’s

Peter Chandler is quite happy to run these tournaments

Peter Chandler – Mover/ Angela Underwood – Seconder


In our Constitution Rule 7.3 it starts with: If the conduct of any member shall be reported as obnoxious the Committee shall, on receiving a written complaint, or may, of its own initiative, take the matter into consideration.

The question was raised what is classified as Obnoxious??

The Committee can only deal with any person that is behaving badly, (such as excessive swearing, bullying, drunk and disorderly, abusing, verbally stirring another person to invoke anxiety, the list could go on forever), any actions that bring the game or Association into disrepute and can only be dealt with if they are at a tournament, Interclub or MPA function. The Committee will not take on any aggressive display that does not have anything to do with pool, it them becomes a matter for the Police.

A query was raised about the amount of money spent on Trophy repairs. It was pointed out that some of our trophies are quite old and need repairing from time to time. However if the trophy is damaged by the holder then they will be responsible for that repair.

There being no further general business Mike Budny thanked everyone for coming

Meeting closed: 8:40pm.

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