Minutes of the Marlborough Pool Assn Inc Annual General Meeting held Tuesday 6 March 2018 at the Redwood Tavern

PRESENT:Mike Budney, Celia Bason, Judyne Heissenbuttel, Peter Chandler, Tardy Landon-Lane, Nicole Chauval, Mike van Loon, Sandy Eden, Kimmy MacDonald, Lianne Budney, Lachlan Kearse, Chris Budney, Allan Ferguson, Bob Henderson, Angela Underwood, Robbie Scott, Damian Scott, Neville Miller, Ross Paton, Dale Ekman, Derek Stripling, Paul Enright, Greg Hammond, Mary Landon-Lane, Malcolm Anderson.

APOLOGIES:Lyn Bowman-Rutledge, Barbara Paton

  1. President’s Report

Was read out and passed.

Report to be supplied by Mike BMoved Bob Henderson/Seconded Judyne Heissenbuttel


  1. Previous Minutes

The AGM Minutes of 21 February 2017 were confirmed as a true and correct record.

Moved Bob Henderson/Seconded Nicole Chauval


  1. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

No matters arising from 21 February 2017 AGM minutes.

  1. Correspondence

No correspondence

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Nicole Chauval, reported on the Audited Financial Accounts of the Association which were attached to the agenda for members’ information.

The financial position of the Association as at 31 December 2017 is $4,967 ($1,840 cheque account and $3126 in savings account).

It was requested that the following invoices be approved for payment:

  • Woodbourne Tavern costs associated with the end of season breakup $747.50
  • Badges and Medals Additional trophy engraving $62.80

Moved Bob Henderson/Seconded Pete Chandler


  1. Setting 2018 Team/Player Registration Fee

Members discussed the fees for 2018 and Mike Budny proposed the following motion:

  1. That the annual player registration fee be increased from $10 to $15 per player for the upcoming season.
  1. Team Registration to remain at $100 per team.

Moved Mike Budney/Seconded Celia Bason


  1. Election of Officers

It was noted that there had been only one nominee received for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Women’s Selector with the following duly elected.

PresidentMike Budney

Vice PresidentMike Van Loon

SecretaryCelia Bason (Celia to be added as signatory at bank, Gail to be

deleted as signatory)

TreasurerNicole Chauval

Women’s Rep SelectorCelia Bason

The following positions were filled from the floor:

Events ManagerPete Chandler (Celia Bason, Ceri Worts or Nicole Chauval will run any tournament if Pete is unable and Bob Henderson will back up if required)

Tournament OrganiserBob Henderson

Men’s Rep SelectorTardy Landon-Lane (Nominated Mike Budney/Seconded Greg Groudis)

  1. Bob Henderson noted the following:
  • He has started making a list of trophies from the beginning of MPA.  
  • Some trophies need urgent repairing/replacing.   
  • The Sun is happy to publish pool results etc. Bob agreed to provide the information and is also happy to carry on being MPAs Publicity Officer.
  1. Mike Budny remarked about the lack of support to the Committee from members and urged captains to be proactive and attend meetings.   It was noted that each club is entitled to have a candidate attend and vote at the monthly Committee meetings.
  1. Mike van Loon advised that he required a person to be the backup Webmaster and asked for a volunteer from the floor.   No members were willing to take up the role but following the meeting Neville Rutledge stepped up and offered to learn the ropes.
  1. Members were advised that there are currently twelve teams for the 2018 season, seven in A Grade and five in B Grade. Mike Budny contacted Calvin Hart from the Royal, who confirmed the Waterfront Bar & Grill has three teams.

There was considerable discussion on ways to increase players numbers, but most suggestions merely rearranged rather than increased numbers. It was noted that interest in Friday night pool at the COM has petered out. It was suggested that a promoter be engaged to promote pool along with regular spots in the local papers which would have no cost.

There was also a suggestion that second division play pub rules but it was noted there are too many variations between pubs and that if people want to play they will learn the rules.  Havelock Hotel expressed an interest in changing to Black Ball rules which is apparently gaining momentum.

Mike Budny noted that the publicity officer's work is crucial, and focus needs to be on second grade for up and coming players.

  1. Allan Ferguson raised the point of cut-off for team registration and noted that teams not registered by the AGM are disrespectful in thinking that they can get in and proposed the following motion.

That no team registration be accepted after AGM.

Moved Allan Ferguson/Seconded Pete Chandler


There being no further business the meeting closed 8.24pm.

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