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Div 1 player rank

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All Games played, totalled and ranked Division 1
there is no trophy for this

17.561.53Wayne Palatchie MPints100%
26.560.53Pete Smythe MPints87%
26.560.53Murray Beach MJacks87%
46.051.03Lachlan Kearse MHot Tips80%
55.550.53Bob Henderson MJacks73%
65.050.03Jamie Lawrence MJacks67%
65.041.02Jeff Lennon MPheonix100%
65.041.03Matthew Brophy SaintMFyrebyrds67%
65.041.03Mary Landon-Lane FFyrebyrds67%
65.041.02Paul Enright MPheonix100%
114.531.53Neville Miller MFyrebyrds60%
114.540.53Malcolm Anderson MJacks60%
114.540.53Gary Lawrence MJacks60%
114.531.53Malcolm Goodwin MFyrebyrds60%
154.031.02Jamie Miller MChalk It Up80%
154.031.03Shane Crouch MPints53%
154.031.02Trevor Whiteside M12 Oz80%
154.031.02Peter Chandler MPheonix80%
154.031.02Ceri Worts M12 Oz80%
203.530.52Greg Croudis MPints70%
203.530.52Mike Van Loon MPheonix70%
203.530.52Paul Langley MDads Army70%
233.030.03Ray Beach MJacks40%
233.021.03Bert Rennick MHot Tips40%
233.021.02Andy Hickey M12 Oz60%
233.021.03Robin Lang (Rob)MChalk It Up40%
233.021.03Judyne Heissenbuttel FFyrebyrds40%
233.021.02Calvin Hart MPints60%
292.520.53Tamati Stuart (Tama)MChalk It Up33%
292.520.51Ken Hart MPints100%
292.520.51John Davis MPints100%
292.520.53Craig Aussie MHot Tips33%
292.520.53Dean Geale DeanoMHot Tips33%
292.520.53Mike Buchanan MChalk It Up33%
292.520.52Ross Paton MFyrebyrds50%
292.520.51Jason Randall MPheonix100%
292.520.53Lewis Green (Louie)MPints33%
292.520.53Kimmy MacDonald FHot Tips33%
392.020.02Nicole Chauval F12 Oz40%
392.020.02Greg Hammond M12 Oz40%
411.510.52Robert Finch (Rob)MChalk It Up30%
411.510.51Tardy Landon-Lane MPheonix60%
411.510.52Mike Starkey MDads Army30%
411.510.51Barbara Paton FFyrebyrds60%
411.510.52Bryce Cowley MPheonix30%
461.010.01Tony McConaghey MRenwick 140%
461.010.02Sandy Eden FChalk It Up20%
461.010.01Jim Campbell MRenwick 140%
461.010.02Don McKinnon MDads Army20%
461.001.02Celia Bason CealzF12 Oz20%
461.010.02Chris Budny FlapzMHot Tips20%
461.010.01Chris Maher MRenwick 140%
530.500.51Mike Budny MHot Tips20%
530.500.52Lloyd Gallop MDads Army10%
530.500.51Jason Lamb MRenwick 120%
530.500.51Anton Goodwin MRenwick 120%
530.500.52Calvin Vile MChalk It Up10%
530.500.52Tardy Landon-Lane MDads Army10%
590.000.01Max Barratt MDads Army0%
590.000.01Lynn Dowler FChalk It Up0%
590.000.01Paul Day MRenwick 10%
590.000.01John Drake MDads Army0%